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MFJ 909 MOBILE IMP. MATCHER, INDUCTIVE TYPE, 10-80M, 600W Our Houston store since 1990


Matches HF mobile antennas (ham sticks, screwdrivers, etc.) 10-80 Meters by adding C (capacitance) from the feedpoint to ground to form L-network with antenna. 11 values of switchable capacitance. 30 pF - 2000 pF. Handles 600 Watts. SO-239 connector

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Other Online Reviews
Hello eddie! I love your website! After browsing through it I've decided to install my aftermarket sound system myself.
Thank you for the quick shipment of this product (70-1776). It matches my stereo harness
Thanks for your assistance
Hey there Installer.com,
First off, thank you for being around. Excellent selection of parts and accessories. I recently purchased some items from you, and everything got here and was the exact part I ordered. I'm sure I will be ordering from you again in the future (I change vehicles often).
Thank you for getting back to me so soon! Thank you also for your good customer service.
Good job.................Thank you!
Hi,thank you for getting the lights shipped direct,I really do appreciate it....I will be looking for the package.Thank You Again,Ron
Thank you so much perfect customer service I had it by 10:30am today. Very satisfied. Sent from my iPhone
I just wanted to express my thanks to you and your team for getting me exactly what I needed to complete the Infotainment System Upgrades for my Jaguar X-TYPE.
AutoSound of Denton installed the SONY XDP-MU110 Digital Link Sound System yesterday in less than two hours time Ė largely due to the QCJAG-1 Parrot Hands Free Adapter Harness. I am thrilled with the results.
Again, thank you for your prompt and professional service
Just to let you know that the parcel was received here in the UK on Thursday 3rd October, the aerial has been fitted, and I very pleased that it looks as good as factory fit.  Thank you for your help with this.
Regards John
Good morning Angelo.
I met with you Sat afternoon about my old Commander XM unit not working in my Hyundai Elantra. I wanted to let you know that I was able to set the stations on the preset buttons, so will not need to make any change now. I really appreciate all the time you took with me, a non-sale, to assist with my problem. I was very impressed, and will look for opportunities to refer you to people b/c of the outstanding service you gave me.
Thanks again.....it's really rare these days to see such care, and it made a big impression. I won't forget.
Great, thank you for responding quickly. Every time I've had to contact your team it has been very pleasant.
Thanks to the folks at installer.com I can listen to my favorite tunes again! They actually reached out to another company to help find a conversion box for my older Acura. Prompt customer service response and follow through with a great product. -JasonZ=
Today, I got an EXCELLENT AND CREATIVE install of my IC-7000 in my Lexus HS-250h which I thought would be a big problem. River Oaks Stereo is the greatest, based on 3 different installs.
Hello Eddie,
I would like to leave feedback on my recent purchase.
My package arrived within a few days, but one piece was damaged. I called at 4:45 on Friday to inform you of the damage and ask what steps to take to replace the broken part, I spoke with Eddie and he informed me they would ship a replacement part out. I received the new part (very well packed:) on Monday! Wow, that is super service. I then had a couple of questions regarding the install of the new radio, and my call was answered and my question addressed in a couple of minutes. The reason I purchased from your company was the positive feedback from past customers. I am very glad I did.
Thank you,  Mike
I contacted Dwayne at Installer.com after a frustrating experience with Best Buy. I tried to order a complete package and install from Best-Buy for my daughters car for college. I usual can do this myself but had a good year and treated myself to have them install the whole package as I have to work in a driveway and is wintertime. They ordered all the wrong parts and had them mistakenly shipped to my house and on top of that I missed the install appointment because the parts arrived late.

I decided to install it myself after missing the appointment. After working in 31 degree weather for a couple of hours I realized BestBuy had ordered the wrong bracket and would never fit.

The next day I called Dwayne at Installer.com and he listened to my dilemma and set me straight toward the proper bracket I needed. He made sure I was able to receive the bracket in a timely manner before my daughter left for school. He followed through to make sure the bracket made it to my home in time for me to install the stereo receiver. If the rest of my life could flow so seamlessly...
Hello Ed,
I appreciate the fast, documented follow-up for my order! Nice!
Good clear billing info! Gary
I  received the plug last night and installed the radio this morning.

Prior to contacting your company,
I was told by 4 different techs including Ford and their "radio" people that the radio I had would not work in my car.

When I called your company, I talked to Angelo who was very knowledgeable and took the time to make sure I understood what I needed. I want to commend Angelo for his outstanding customer service and thank you for providing me exactly what I needed in both parts and information for this installation. I will be sure to contact you for any future radio needs and will highly recommend your company to any one I know who has a need for installation parts.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Dear Mr. Eddie Runner,
You found a wallet this week.  It belonged to my son Kenneth F.  Just wanted to let you know we received the wallet in the mail yesterday. I want to know, In my opinion, If there were more honest people like you this world would be a better place.  Hereís hoping God blesses you and yours abundantly.
I have had several questions in regards to installing an aftermarket stereo on my Chevy impala.
Dwayne has answered all of my questions and has provided me with excellent customer service that should be recognized. I hope that dwayne will receive the recognition that he deserves and the knowledge that he is a beneficial part of your team. Please ensure him that his customer service is way above par and that he should continue doing what he does best which is providing awesome customer service.
Sincerely, Stephen
Thank you & I appreciate the help Darrell provided to me.  Have a great rest of the day....Bob
Please THANK Dwayne for incredible Customer Service !   You Guys ROCK ;>)    Dan
Eddie, This solution for satellite radio worked great in my wifeís 2004 Lexus GX470. She is very happy with it! Happy Wife! Happy Life! Thanks MartyÖ  
His a big thanks for the help. I have the radio installed and working. All the parts you recommended did the trick and the email and phone guidance was excellent. I would have been really stuck without your help.
Thanks guys got package everything worked a treat made the job super easy
Just wanted to thank you guys for such fast service. Also, you had just what I needed that I couldn't find anywhere else. Is there a page I can go to to write a review about your service. You are fantastic. Thanks so much, Jo Alexander
I called yesterday for information about some products on your website. When I called, a human being actually answered the phone, he was in the USA and spoke fluent English! When I explained my situation he did not refer me to someone else or put me on hold. He knew exactly what I was talking about, and explained that what I had in mind would not work, and told me why. He told me how to solve the problem without ordering anything from you. I thought I was back in the 1940's and 50's. What a refreshing experience. It is good to know there is still at least one company with honesty, courtesy, and integrity. You made my day. Thanks, and God bless you. Arthur
Dwayne- received my shipment yesterday (aux adaptor for satellite button w/3.5mm headphone jack adaptor). Install took me about 7 minutes this morning and everything works GREAT. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for and can now use my xm/iPod/droid to play my music with really good sound quality and no shitty fm modulator. Tools required ? A flatness screwdriver and 8mm nut driver. That was it. I find it GREAT that you gave me exactly what I wanted when that other place told me "you'll have to modulate". Once again, thank you. Jon
Hi Eddie, You guys rock!!! What a great, well engineered product - it made installation a breeze. The color code and the actual wire labeling were right on, I couldn't have gotten a better product. And you folks were fast. Thanks again! Tom S.
Your man called me yesterday. I followed his instructions and my wife's Honda now has an input for her mp3 player. Thanks very much for your help! Rich
Final follow up. Received and installed today. I was *THIS* close to calling you as I had no sound. Turns out, the MP3 device was paused. Stupid users :) Thank you very much for your excellent help, support, and documentation. Oh, and did I mention it got to Sharon, MA pretty darned quick. Be sure to share this with your management Dwayne. -- Dave
Eddie, Thank you so much. I appreciate your immediate attention and action to this matter. Great job!
I canít believe someone actually called me back promptly and answered my question.
What great customer service. THANKS
Thank You !!! Thank You !!! For your prompt service and delivery. Got the parts!! Special thanks to : Dwayne he not only new what I needed but told me how to put it together when I got it.My Radio works great. P.S.This is not our 1st order through your company We highly recommend your Company Keep up the great work!! Have A great Weekend Diane and Merrill
Dwayne, Thanks for the help. I don't know how to contact your boss but please pass to him\her that I really appreciate the information--especially when you were telling me that I didn't need to buy one of your kits. I searched a lot of sites in looking for the radio and for installations kits yours was the best--and your phone help was greatly appreciated. I will go to some of the forums I searched and mention how helpful you were in determining the kit needed. Thanks a bunch and I will mark your site in my favorites.
Thank you Installer.com for your great customer service and quick response, I will recommend this site to everyone! Have a nice day! Christy
Hi all, Thanks for the great service.  With your advice and parts I was able to get the GM9-Aux installed successfully, and now Iím enjoying my XM without static.  The hardest part was getting around the headliner for the antenna, but the dash and radio came out easily.
Just wanted to let you know that I got the part today (very fast shipping!) and it is identical to the oem part! Thank you so much for helping find the right part for my car, I couldnt have done it myself!             Bobby
Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the helpfulness of your site and how quickly my stuff came! Much appreciated....
Dwayne! MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MY CHRISTMAS ELF!!! Please make sure to pass this along to the owner of the company....... The odrer got here at 8pm last night!!! Now even though we had to delya the order process by a day due to me ordering the wrong parts, and becasue you helped me so much, I will have it saftely under the tree for Christmas moring today!!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of me! I will reccomemed your company for all my or familys installation needs in the future! I will let you know how the parts work after Christmas when rick gets them installed! Merry Christmas to eveyone at Installer! Faitful customer from now on Trina
Hi Dwayne, Thank you for your reply and quick response. We received the dash kit this morning in Ky, installed it and the new radio/cd and I'm preparing to leave for Tenn. I really appreciate the great service.     Catherine
I just wanted to send an email thanking you. After a week of arguing with several local shops I found exactly what I needed at your web site the 70-8112 that everybody else told me didn't exist.  I was a little unsure of how it would work so I called your number off the web site and spoke to Russell, an Installer who's name I can't remember, and the owner Eddie, everyone was very helpful and friendly, and explained to me how the part would work.  I ordered it and it was at my doorstep in 2 days. Its nice to no businesses like you still exist that are knowledgeable and sell you what you need and not something that may work--if you do some southern engineering--just to make a buck. For now on all my parts are coming from Houston, and I will be telling all my friends about you too.  You guys are great and I will be doing business with you in the future. Thank you very much.    Baron
Thank you so much for your fine service (web & phone) to guide me to the PIN which makes the Sirius radio connection to my factory system go from a bland FM  ant. connection to a rocking aux connection! I am completely satisfied with your product and service! GM-Jacksonville, FL
Hi Dwayne,
Just wanted to let you know that install instructions were just what I needed and the Mazda harness worked perfectly. Really made this a quick and easy install. Many thanks!                      Bob
WOW!  You guys don't waste any time - ordered Tuesday, waiting on my doorstep Wednesday!  Very nice!  Thanks!
Got it yesterday and it looks great with my Alpine!  Thank you for carrying this so far rare product and extra thanks for the speedy ship!                    Greg
Dwayne,   Everything arrived on Monday, and I finished the install of the Pioneer FH-8000BT in my 2002 Passat. The install went flawless thanks to your help.     The PAC-SWI interfaced nicely, and the Pioneer 2 din install kit fit like a glove. Thanks again, you guys are awesome,                 Paul
Just wanted to let you know I received my dash kit this afternoon and everything looks great... I can't believe how close to OEM the dash kit appears! I really appreciate your help and your fast service.  I just reported on the Mazda5 message board I go to that I have the kit physically in my hands from Installer.com.  This is the first proof we have that the Metra 99-7509 kit actually exists and that it's available from Installer.com, so hopefully it'll drum up more orders for you Thanks again for your and take care,            Joe
I wanted to write to let you know I am very impressed with your company. I can't tell you how much I appreciated receiving e-mails letting me know the status of my order, receiving the right parts, getting the parts in less than a week and your willingness to ship to an APO address.   I will definitely be a repeat customer and will tell others about you.      Thanks so much,    Patrick   P.S. My new radio is in and sounds great!
I would like to thank you and your company for your quick turn around on the order. The PIE-HON AUX was exactly what I needed, and luckily was extremely easy to install. Again, thanks for the quick delivery and quality of my order.
 Best regards,                   Sean
 I want to thank you for your quick response back to me as my wife is now happy that i got her new radio to work !  
Best of luck too you .
Dwayne - You're the man!
I was able to easily install the two items I bought from you and am now enjoying my Ipod's digital sound at great volume.
Thanks very much for your help both via email and on the phone.
Couldn't have done it without you.  
Don't do much purchasing via the web but was pleasantly suprised with my order from you. Kit was as advertised didn't have to do do any adaptions and every thing lined up as it should, making the installation easy. I do alot of my own work and know this isn't always the way it seems to work out.
Anyway I was impressed - Thanks
Dewayne,   Thank you very much for all your help!!  It is nice to know that there are still companies out there that take care of their customers.  Have a very Happy New Year.  Rob
You guys rock! I was very proud and honored to see that you support the troops and ship to APO/FPO boxes. You have no idea how many companies,  especially large ones, who won't ship APO or FPO. We all appreciate the small things like that. Thank you so much.
I called your tech support about my BMW stereo not working and the guy got it going for me in under 60 seconds...
awesome tech support, I will definitely buy from you guys again!
Yes, your right.. I did that and bam, sound. Thanks for all your help!  Best Regards, Dale

I got your website and phone  number from Crutchfield; very impressive.

Just a short note to thank you for making great products.  Everything worked !   I really don't remember the last time things went together the way they should with no problems of any kind.   Best regards,    E. K

You guys rock! You definitely earned me as a customer.
I ordered on Wednesday, got it on Friday and installed Saturday, just as I had hoped. Thanks a bunch!

Just wanted to let you guys know, i recently bought a wiring kit and dash kit for a 99 mercury mountaineer, and ive installed quite a few systems in my day, And ive used many different kits,    The Kits You sell were the easiest and best quality kits ive ever used
Also the shipping was fast and, i also asked a few questions and they were promptly responded too
keep up the great work, and ill definitely be buying my audio supplies from you guys again!

     I purchased a wiring harness for my 1997 Toyota Tacoma, in order to install a Parrot CK3200LS.  The harness arrived before the Parrot, even though I ordered it a day later!!!  You guys are AWESOME!!!  I searched 20-30 websites before I checked yours and got exactly what I needed.    I happen to be a Toyota Technician working at a dealer in South Florida.  I have shown your product and the Parrot to the parts manager here and given him both the websites.  He was very impressed with the quality and may be contacting you concerning ordering in harnesses to stock for installing Parrots for our customers. ; Thanks again for the top notch service  Rick
Gentlemen,  I have just installed my patch cord and could not be happier. Please add me to your list of satisfied customers.
Regards,  Jim - Canada
I called Dwayne a few weeks ago regarding a 97 Expedition with a Video system wanting to add a Parrot CK3100 and a Lowrance iWAY 500c GPS. He was gracious enough to spend about 30 minutes formulating a plan involving an x3 auxiliary input device which I ended up purchasing from you guys. The crux of the problem was that the Mach audio system doe s not like the Parrot connections and there is no wiring harness yet available to even try. To make a long story short, the plan was flawless with the Parrot on the x1 channel, the GPS on x2 and I will soon be moving the video system off the FM xmitter to the x3 Channel.

Dwayne/Nick, Thanks for the help in getting me rolling with the CK 3100 parrot.  With the harness and a little help from you guys it was a simple plug & play right into my 1998 ford exploder!!!  The system works great, everyone I have asked about the quality of the sound thought it was crystal clear.  And you guys saved me about $400 that the local installer wanted to do the job.  Thank you again and for all my future projects I will be coming to you.  I have already send several people your way and will continue to do so. Best Regards, Michael Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to let you know that my part arrived today!   I would also like to let you know that my son and I had gone to several  install shops to see if they could install the new stereo for us into his 91 F150 and we were always told that it couldn't be done due to the lack of an   adaptable wire harness kit.  Thanks to your company my son and I just finished installing his new stereo in his truck in about 20 minutes!
My son and I THANK-YOU for your very fast service and products!
Sincerely,  Ron
Just to let you know, I needed a hard to find adapter and called up Monday. You had a LIVE PERSON! answer the phone on the first ring, answered my question right away, and had the part in my hand in 2 days! You guys really run a class act. I am impressed and just wanted to take the time to thank you for running the kind of business that is so hard to find these days. I am bookmarking your homepage and look forward to doing business with you again.
In awe of your outstanding service:
Jon A
Hi, just wanted to say that I received my FDAHW today (not bad considering I live in the United Kingdom). I am very pleased with the prompt delivery. The adaptor is of excellent quality and was easy to to fit. I now have a great sounding ICE system in my Mustang thanks to you guys. I hope to do business with you again in the future. Thank you for your top rate customer service.
Kind regards, Ivan
Eddie,   I got the part in today and installed it. Works great!!! Thanks for such a good product and service. I look forward to doing business with you again.   Thanks Again,   Donny
Hey guys:
My order came. Everything's in good condition and I must say- that was fast! Thanks also for including step-by-step instructions on how to install the mount kit. That will help the installers greatly.
Again, thanks for the quick turnaround.
Thank you for your quickness!!!
After 2 weeks of sub-zero temperatures, my son and I finally installed the antenna you shipped on 1/14 in his '94 Accord wagon. Perfect! Made our day! Thanks.
Chris, the item arrived today, exactly what I needed. Thanks, Steve.
Hi Eddie,
I received your order. That was fast and the cover is great!! Thanks again for all your help.
I wish you continued success in your business.
Regards,  Jay
I just wanted to write and thank you for the great service I received from your company. Being in the service industry, I know it is rare that a customer will take the time to thank you for great service. Most of the time people only want to complain to you when they had a bad experience. 

My story is pretty crappy how I ended up dealing with you. I actually found you randomly through an internet search. My civic was broken into, and the factory radio was stolen. Since it was so difficult for them to unplug the radio, (duh) they just pulled, and cut off the factory plug too. 

I bought a new radio on Ebay, but I needed a factory plug too. I looked a few other places on the net, and was astounded at the prices people wanted for shipping on the tiny metra plug part number 71-1721
that I ordered from you. Other sites were charging ten, eleven, even twelve dollars just for shipping this small part. Locally here in LA, shops had to order the part, and they wanted $20 plus for it, plus tax, and
it would still take 1 week or more.

In conclusion, I just wanted to thank you for the best prices, the most reasonable shipping rates, and the fastest service. You have a repeat customer in me.

Thanks again, Stan
Thank u very much! Let me tell u this i live in San Diego and nobody has the installation kit for the 2005 Altima. If i need something else in the future i will make business with u again. I will recommend u to all my friends.     Thank u again.
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